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M i s s i o n

The Author's Purpose is to persuade, inform and entertain.

The Marketer’s Purpose is to help businesses tell stories that persuade, inform and entertain potential customers while keeping the story consistent across all channels of the business.

Together we’ll create a digital legacy for your business while attracting new clients and nurturing existing clients.


I tell stoires & build strategies

undrstadn psyscholgy and human behavior

position you to solve prblems & let your customer be the hero to guide them to you as the expoert

define who you are and what makes you special & werre going to ell the world about you

i coach and educate

your zone of genius is your craft, your offering, your service

mine is marketing. i’m going to tell you WHY to do what i recommend

i set up mareting syystems nad strategies

efficeincy is key

automaitation is ey

leverage the right resournces

Who I work with

ideal clients

favorite industries

I specialize in the luxury space. Real estate, architecture, yachting, travel & athletics.

I’m focused on developing and implementing marketing strategies for businesses that play in the luxury space. From my prior experience in luxury real estate, I know how to speak to the UHNW client, and I specialize in reaching that demographic niche.

The great thing is that I get to partner with brands and businesses I believe in.

I keep my client list private from the public, but for qualified potential new partnerships, I will share my portfolio of work through a password protected site.

Contact me to request a password ➝


full stack

what does that mean

Marketing Audits


Millions of Real Estate

Years of Experience

All Services

What do you do?

Social Media Strategy, Content Creation & Management

Brand Development & Consulting

Strategic Marketing Planning

Public Relations Management

Email Marketing

Copywriting & Blogging

Sales Training & Strategies

Web Design

Baby, I’ve got what you need.

Benefits of working with Af

I only work with clients whose business I believe in. 

You work with me, directly. 

Transparent, available & expert. 

My zone of genius is marketing. Creating content & setting up systems. Let me do the work you don’t want to do. 

I understand you’re busy, I won’t waste your time. Efficiency is key. 

I make it my business to understand your business. Every service, every offering, every nuance.

The process


Call me, email me, say hello. 

I only take a very limited number of clients at a time and am currently at capacity. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t say hello. Let’s get you on the waitlist. 


When I have availability to onboard a new client, we’ll set a discovery meeting, where we’ll discuss your goals, your dreams, your brand, your vision… and how I can help you get to where you want to go. 


And when we’re ready to get started, we date. I take you out, ask you a million questions, and fall in love with you, your business, your vision and your goals. I become a member of your team and an extension of you. And from there, we take massive, inspired, s t r a t e g i c action to get where we want to go. 

Sounds good?

Let’s talk. Contact me for more informaiton.

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