Another Trip Around The Sun


If you know me you know I’m superstitious. I kiss my hand & hit the ceiling of my car when I blow through yellow lights. I work on construction sites and I’m terrified to accidentally walk under a ladder. I wear red underwear for good luck when The Rockies need a clutch win. 

I’m big on birthday superstitions. Have you heard the New Years Eve superstition that says how you spend your night is how you’ll spend the rest of your year? I think the same applies to your birthday too. I’m always down for a birthday spanking, Mr. Gray, and of course, you know the tradition of making a wish when you blow out your birthday candles. 

So I just had a birthday. And this time, I literally didn’t even make a wish when I blew out my birthday candles. Because in that moment, all I could think about is how much goodness I have in my life, how I was surrounded by so many people that I love and how I couldn’t possibly ask for anything more.

Things keep getting better every year. This year was RAD. One of my favorite rituals to do when I hit one milestone or another is to take inventory of my life. I feel like if I don’t The Universe will somehow think I’m not showing gratitude for the experiences… Who needs Catholic guilt when you have hippy-dippy paranoia? I’m ridiculous. 

An now, a totally self-serving post to chronicle of some of my favorite adventures of this last year.

Cabo San Lucas // Mexico


Straight away after my birthday last year, I jumped on a plane with my best friend and my entire family and went to Disneyland for adults… Cabo. Between late night rendezvous with questionable Australians and getting my stepmom to dance in a cage at Squid Roe, family drama and Hulk Hogan sightings, it was a shit show, to say the least. Some of our best work. 


Paris // France


On the first day of 2015, I put my ass on a plane and flew across the ocean to go frolic through the streets of Paris for two weeks. On one hand, Paris was everything I wanted it to be, and on the other, it was almost too much. The architecture, the streets, the sites were all awe inspiring, but it was kind of like okay, saw it, on to the next. The meals were extraordinarily long and the food was heavy. This California rabbit needs salads. Most of the people were French caricatures of themselves, in the best way possible. I loved the trip, loved the culture, loved my travel companions, the hospitality, everything... but was ready to come home when it was all said and done.


Old Job // New Job


After four years at the same company, I started a terrifying new adventure. I loved my team, the challenge, the work, my leadership, everything… but quite honestly, It got too easy. And since I truly believe complacency is one of the worst epidemics of my generation, I started to look for another opportunity. And in a very roundabout way, I got hired for a different company than the one I was interviewing for… I think I was poached. This new job is gnarly, takes all of my brain power and then some, and pushes me to the brink every single day. After being a big fish in a small pond, I’m now constantly humbled everyday. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. 


Yacht Rocks // Birthday Party


As I said before, if the way you spend your birthday is to dictate how you’ll spend your entire year, I’m going to have a crazy, amazing, loud, fun year full of love. Everyone came ‘with bells on’ (new phrase I just learned day of- as everyone said they’d come ‘with bells on,’ wtf?!) and we were the most adorable nautical crew of all time. 

Big ups to my roommates (including Kait) for being amazing, to DJ Tropical Sex for making music, to Kait for making cupcakes during the party, to Anthony for being our paparazzi and all my friends and neighbors for drinking so many Pacificos and Moscow Mules and dancing with me. I am seriously in love with all of you. 

Just Being // Windansea


The photos we post, the words we write and share… For the most part it’s all a highlight reel of our lives. The best and brightest moments. The photos we look the best in. Maybe they’re even manipulated and strategically posted to portray the life you want people to think you lead. 

In a marketing meeting this week, our creative director said something amazing, “Branding is controlling your message- portraying your company in the way you want people to view you. But your brand is the way people actually view you. And that is something you can’t control.”

We’re all in this perpetual competition for who can be the loudest on social media and really what I’ve become so much more comfortable with this year is really appreciating the quiet moments in my life. I spent the majority of this weekend just playing with a dog. Laughing at her when she does something cute. My favorite ritual is the process of making coffee every morning (pour over, if you’re wondering.) I love to be home and in my cozy bed where no one can find me. I’ve taken more time for myself this year. Every challenge I’ve been faced with, in relationships and friendships, professionally and personally,  comes down to the fact that always being available for someone else and not available for yourself is the worst punishment for your soul.

Just being here has been the best experience ever. Writing an email the other day my phone autocorrected the sentence “I’m living in La Jolla” to “I’m loving in La Jolla” and I think the latter is more accurate than what I originally intended. 


Namaste, bitches. Thanks for another trip around the sun, Universe. Appreciate you.


Why I Couldn’t Write // General Rules for Surviving Hurt


When I want to write, produce something of value, be creative, or do anything good, I have to be real. I have a pretty good bullshit detector and can smell people being fake from a mile away. I expect my tribe to have the same level of expectations of me and my work. I’m not going to put something out in the ether that is flimsy or phony. But to make great work, you have to get vulnerable.

And being vulnerable is uncomfortable sometimes. Honestly, writing a blog, dedicating my energy and brain power to putting words out on the internet is not normal. Not to give myself too much credit, but sometimes I feel a little gutsy for doing so. I’m always opening myself up to potential criticism. 

But being vulnerable is not about weakness. Or fear. It’s just about being open. 

It’s kind of like when you’re JUST ABOUT to have really great sex. And you completely give yourself over, lose yourself in the sensation, the excitement, the anticipation, the mood, the emotion, the music, whatever. You’re not thinking about how your mom’s gonna hate this guy and hmm, he doesn’t have a car, or a job… is he a loser? You’re just THERE. Vulnerability is being conscious of that electric feeling you get when he touches you. You’re completely open to what is happening in that moment and just fully giving yourself. Giving yourself.

That’s what I’m talking about. Being vulnerable in a way that is real. That is human. Open. And giving. Whenyou’re too busy pouring yourself into the situation that you’re not thinking about what if’s. 

Like what if I get hurt. 

True hurt, the kind that feels like you’ve been eaten alive. The kind that feels like you’ve been sucker punched. You can’t catch your breath. You can’t even breathe. 

Welcome to my life recently. 

When we get hurt, we harden. 

It’s a natural way to react. It’s a defense mechanism. A snake will strike when it senses danger because it’s trying to survive, not because it’s an asshole. The same thing goes for humans- we’re all just trying to survive, and we implement these coping mechanisms in order to keep living without being hurt. 

So in some areas of my life, I’ve withdrawn. In order to keep showing up for work, being normal with my friends, etc., something had to give. After what I’ve gone through in the last few weeks, I’ve had to work back towards being comfortable with opening up again. I couldn’t even open up to myself, because what I was dealing with under the hood of my car was way too big a mess to even look at. Instead of dealing with that mess, I’ve been distracting myself with filler material. Throwing myself into work, flirting with boys who don’t care about me, happy hours, etc. And that distraction doesn’t make for a clear head from which to write clear thoughts. 

So that’s where I’ve been, for those of you who have been sweet enough to ask. I’m working on getting back to normal, so I can be open, honest… vulnerable… with myself again. And try to be real. And produce something of value that I can put here. 

I never wanted this blog to be a journal. I want to add value to the conversation, not just rant on the internet. So no, I’m not going to write about the most difficult few months of my life because it’s not interesting and you know what, everyone goes through shit.

So in the spirit of adding value, I’ve got to give some insight. With hurt, it doesn’t matter what the source is, it just matters how we deal with it. So in general, whether it be heartbreak, tragedy, disappointment, loss, insult or injury, here are my top three tips for weathering any storm. 

You have to ask to get.

Maybe your mother was in the hospital for a few weeks after a life threatening surgery and you weren’t able to be with her. Maybe you experienced a mixture of debilitating fear and being trapped in a cage, if you will. When you are hurt or scared, you’re just not in the right headspace to make rational decisions and with so much energy devoted towards just coping with the issue, it can be hard to step up when you still have to keep your life running. But a lot of times, our friends and family don’t know what to do to help. Sometimes they don’t recognize they need to help. So you have to ask. You have to put it out there that you need some support, like someone to watch the dog and bring your mom socks in the hospital. If you don’t ask, you don’t get.

Don’t trade your pain. 

Let’s just say you went through a bad breakup. I don’t know… maybe a messy one where one person moved across the state and things fell apart three days in. Is that too specific? Well regardless, should you be suffering heartbreak, you’re going to hear plenty of platitudes and lots of advice about how to deal. 

I think the worst think I’ve heard recently is the very classy anecdote, “the best way to get over someone is to get under someone new.” 

Let me tell ya, ladies and gentlemen, it’s probably not the best approach. If you’re a disaster, you’re going to create more disasters. You’re off your game, you’re going to be an emotional wreck and you’re going to make something messy that probably didn’t need messing up. The only exception to this rule is if you can find someone cute to make out with that has the same name as your ex, so there’s no accidental shouting of the wrong name in the heat of the moment.  

Set boundaries and enforce them.  

So I have a friend. This friend had a really awful roommate. They started out as homies, getting along, connecting, giving out that loving feeling. Then this roommate gradually left reality. And lit my friend’s couch on fire. Secretly moved her boyfriend into her room. And when confronted, literally said, “He’s staying, fuck you.” Her basic disregard and disrespect for everyone around her earned their apartment an eviction notice, which was no surprise. Long story short she was asked to leave while the other roommates were allowed to stay, and she made the energy in our home… I mean my friends home… absolutely completely toxic. She was not fun to be around.

But at the end of the day, it’s my “friend” who really blew it. Let me drop some knowledge on you. It’s all about being accountable. Tony Gaskin said it best:

You treat people how to treat us by what you allow, what you stop, and what you reinforce.   

There was an opportunity to put an end to this behavior, but instead, it was easier to just ignore it. And hope it would go away. And eventually, it did, but at the same time, the experience was not a positive one. It was not fun to be in that house and at the culmination of this disgusting experience, two people who were once friends walked away wanting nothing to do with one another. Which is a total bummer.

So all in all, Hi. I’m back. It sucks to be disappointed and hurt, and it’s normal to close off when it happens. But I’m ready to get weird again. I’m still just riding this wave called life, doing the best I can. But aren’t we all? You can either fight the ocean and lose, or just learn to surf. 

Speaking of which… I’m off to the beach.


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Palm Springs Hipster Hotel Guide

You guys.

I had the best Spring Break of all time.

Like, an ultra glam, super-grown-up Spring Break. In the old-people capitol of California.

Palm Springs.

Typical Palm Springs View

Typical Palm Springs View

Palm Springs is an oasis away from shitty Coors Light fueled college spring breaks happening in Pacific Beach. It is close enough to drive to for a quick getaway from San Diego, OC or LA. It’s far enough away that you can pretend to be unreachable and unique enough that you feel like you’re in another world. 

Seriously, it’s like a time warp. With all the mid-century-modern architecture, the perfectly manicured landscaping and spotless streets, you feel like you’re in an episode of Mad Men. Like, I was surprised Don Draper wasn’t riding in the passenger seat of my car, smoking a dart.

Okay… so, back to business. I want to tell you about the three most-talked about hotels in Palm Springs. 

Being a Cancer, having a home-base is super important to me. So the first thing I want to do when I’m on vacation is check into my hotel, unpack, get refreshed, and THEN grab a cocktail. I  need to feel comfortable before I can get adventurous. 

And I’m a boutique hotel whore. If I’m going to stay somewhere new, I don’t want it to look like a hotel room I could find in any major city- so I’m always checking out the hipster hotel scene in any city I stay at. 

(For San Diego, top pick is The Pearl, in Tahoe, try Basecamp.)

I did a bit of sleuthing on the web before picking my hotel, but when I was there, I went to my top three choices to see if I made the right decision. Here are my impressions of The Ace, The Parker & The Avalon. 

First Up, The Ace.

So this is probably the most hipster of the three hotels I visited. Like, if this hotel were a person, it would have a waxed/curled mustache, be 15 pounds underweight, wear tight skinny jeans and an ironic t-shirt. 

The iconic Ace sign

The iconic Ace sign

In comparison to the other two hotels, The Ace was the most underwhelming, unwelcoming and monochrome. Like, I get it- we’re in the desert- but honestly, it was just a wash of browns, tans and dirt. Everything felt muted. For the hype I’ve heard, I was let down. Less like an oasis in the desert, more like a reminder that California is experiencing a major drought. 

Drab. Blah.

Drab. Blah.

The staff was not pleasant or welcoming. While I was checking things out, I was being eyed myself by a security guard manning the pool entrance. He looked pissed and was probably dehydrated. Speaking of the pool, the pool area didn’t look welcoming at all.

No Sense of Humor Allowed

No Sense of Humor Allowed

The landscaping was sparse, emphasizing the huge amount of concrete. From the sunshades to the loungers, the whole place was drab and left much to be desired. 

The secondary pool area was more welcoming

The secondary pool area was more welcoming

On the lot is a diner, Kings Highway, which looks like a Denny’s. The parking lot and location of the hotel right off the main road feels reminiscent of checking into a dingy motel. The plastic bench seats in the diner booths in that type of heat makes me think of sweaty butts. So, no thanks.

My favorite part of The Ace... The view from the parking lot

My favorite part of The Ace... The view from the parking lot

The grounds themselves are just under 2 miles from “The Main Drag” of East Palm Canyon, a bit closer than the next hotel on my list, The Parker.

The Parker


If The Ace was bland, The Parker is like the best color explosion acid trip of your life. The interiors were done by design god, Jonathan Adler, and are clever, unexpected, beautiful and smart.

View from The Top

View from The Top

The decor is a m a z e b a l l s. The use of color and texture were mindblowing. Everything just WORKED. The attention to detail is exactly what makes you want to stay and continue to explore every nook and cranny of this hotel… like how cute are the knights in shining armor that guard the bathrooms? Upon closer inspection, to me, this one looks like he has to go pee… I just love it. Everything about it, I love it.


We had cocktails in the “Jewelry Box Bar” which is a grandmother’s dream of mint-green marble and top shelf liquor. This mini, ultra-intimate area features super low ceilings, seats just six, and has perfectly regulated (cool) temperature. I hear the Manhattan is well made and as always, I got a glass of champagne… you can never go wrong with bubbles.


Walking through the main lobby you pass a lounge area with groupings of mis-matched seating surrounding a huge fireplace feature. It was adorable, but it was hot as hell in there. Like, it’s already 95 degrees outside, is a fire feature that runs all day really the best idea? Jonathan Adler, explain yourself.

A pano to show the Jewelry Box Bar on Left and Sitting Room to Right.

A pano to show the Jewelry Box Bar on Left and Sitting Room to Right.

Insider’s Tip: The bartender told us The Parker is undergoing a re-deisgn in November this year (2015.) So get there soon to check it out in it’s current iteration!


Outside, there is this maze of pathways that take you past a magical shaded hammock situation, campfire chairs surrounding a bon-fire (above) and bocce ball courts. When you find The Lemonade Stand, you know you found magic. The huge shell full of lemons, the craft cocktail menu, the decor, the fact that it’s called The Lemonade Stand and they have vodka… it’s just all the best thing ever. 

The Lemonade Stand

The Lemonade Stand

I actually went back on my own on my last day to check out The Parker again, and ended up chatting with a few of the bartenders at The Lemonade Stand who were hilarious, great conversationalists and so kind. Even the valet boys were cute and flirted just the right amount. It’s the people who matter most, and clearly, The Parker has got hiring down pat. Next time I’m in the desert, this is where I’ll stay. 

However, my hotel of choice on this trip was nothing to sneeze at. In fact, it was one of the most amazing hotel experiences I’ve ever had.

The Avalon, formerly known as The Viceroy, Palm Springs

The Parker was great… but The Avalon is on a different level. Just the week before I visited, The Avalon Hotel group took over The Viceroy and rebranded. The entrance from the street is understated, as the whole hotel is hidden behind some tall bushes on the street side, which insulates the hotel, making it feel more resort style. 


You’ll be greeted by their cute valet team in Uniqulo outfits, and then ushered through the front gate past a koi pond, an Avalon branded bike that’s begging for an adventure, a tree wrapped in twinkly lights and an awe inspiring foyer. If you’re lucky like me, you’ll be granted an early check in with ease, and then treated to a Paloma at the bar. Customer service is on point. 


The place has major charm- which I think is the main component lacking from The Ace. Punches of yellow punctuate the property, which architecturally, is a mix between Spanish hacienda style and mid-century modern. Don’t ask questions… it just works. There are plenty of open spaces, but enough cozy nooks and areas to explore that you can find yourself alone at any place on the property.

Pool game on point

Pool game on point

Their landscaping is really where its at. Seriously, big ups to the grounds crew. The lawn is pristine and so welcoming to scorched feet. The pool and cabanas are lush, gorgeous and inviting. Bougainvillea everywhere, topiaries that make you think you’re Alice in Wonderland… obsessed is not enough to cover it.


verything is thriving, even the staff, who were peppy and accommodating. Poolside service in 95 degree heat is no easy task, but my hostess was pleasant and adorable.

Sweet dreams are made of these

Sweet dreams are made of these

Location wise, it’s perfect. East Palm Canyon Drive is walkable, just a block away. But most importantly, the hotel grounds back up to the mountains, making it peaceful, private and seriously magical. Check this out.

Magic Mountains 

Magic Mountains 

The room was fine. It wasn’t lush, but it was clean, it was decorated well and it had everything I needed. It was fine. I find that in these hipster boutique-y hotels, it feels like the rooms are trying their best to cover up their dingy motel past, but you can still kinda feel it. It’s like a girl from Long Island trying to fit into Nobu at Malibu. She’s nice and she might look the part, but when you hear her “tawlk” about her new “khar” being a “Beehmah” you know something is not quite right. And then you look closer and notice her pony tail is pulled too tight. Such is the experience of a room at a boutique hotel.

A Villa. Probably more highly appointed than my standard pool view room.

A Villa. Probably more highly appointed than my standard pool view room.

Never have I come back from such a short trip feeling more revitalized, happy and peaceful. There is something in the air in the desert, some sort of grounding, alkaline energy. The whole place puts off good energy. I am wondering if I should even be sharing these tidbits as I kind of want to keep Palm Springs as my own personal private oasis… but I’m feeling generous, so I guess it’s okay to share. 

Have you ever been to Palm Springs or any of these hotels before? What did you think? Where else do I need to go?

PS: All of these photos were taken on my iPhone4s & edited in Photoshop athankyaverymuch!