How To // Make October Awesome

Today is the first of October, one of the last mellow months of the year. November & December are marked with excess, indulgence & obligations. I’m fully taking advantage of this month and making it about me, me, me. Let's be selfish together!

#sobetober // I think it’s a good exercise in self-control to give up a vice for a short period of time. A mini-challenge, a test of strength, or an excuse to feel superior. A few years ago, I gave one thing up every month for every month of the year- 30 days of no sugar, no gluten, no coffee, etc. I’m going to be sober this October (hence, #sobetober) and not drinking this month.

This actually won’t be hard for me, as I’ve started to dread drinking. Alcohol just doesn’t serve my body. It doesn’t help me perform better in the gym or in life. It doesn’t make me feel better, fitter, happier or healthier. It makes me feel wasteful- towards my body, finances & time. I also have started to hate socializing at bars.  More on that another time. I know it's time to take a break because I'm not even craving champagne. Even thinking about Veuve is making me feel icky. Too much of a good thing is not a good thing.

Hedge your bets // You guys, Christmas is just 12 weeks away. I don’t know about you, but I am a chronic over-spender when it comes to Christmas presents. The people in my life fall into one of two gift categories:

1.       I see a million things you would love & I will buy them all for you!! ALL OF THEM!!

2.       I am obligated to buy you a gift, I have no idea what I should buy for you, and I am going to wait to the last moment to purchase something overpriced & thoughtless. And I am going to resent you for it.

This year, instead of using Christmas money to pay off my credit card bills, I’m stashing away a little each pay check to give me a Christmas buffer. Just stash a little bit & you won’t miss it… the trick is to make it automatic so you don't have a choice, you can't forget & then all the sudden when December rolls around you’re not stressing about overspending & you have a little cushion.

I use Capitol One 360* for my savings funds… and it’s seriously changed my life. It’s free, has one of the highest interest rates, allows me to have multiple savings accounts, nickname my accounts & set up an automatic savings plan.  Basically every time I look at my Capitol One account it’s like money magically appears.

Make fun of my savings accounts if you wish… but studies* show if you have something tangible outlined to save for, you’re more likely to be successful in your savings goals. Do this now to set yourself up for the holidays & your future. You'll feel good about it, I promise.

*Affiliate link. And I don’t know what studies say this, but I think I read it somewhere.

Reassess // There are only 91 days left in 2014. Then it’s 2015.

Did you make any New Year’s Resolutions for 2014? How did those work out for you? Did you set some goals? Make a vision board? Where are you with all that?

How are you going to make the rest of this year great? You have the power to change the trajectory of your year right now, today.  This is the perfect month to refocus your efforts to those goals you might have set. There are no holidays in October to distract you or tempt you away from being your best self, so you’ll be able to get some momentum to finish the last three months of 2014 strong.

For me, this means booking tickets to finalize travel plans, reassessing my entrepreneurial goals & continuing to work on my fitness & diet. And writing more.

Love you cuties, go make October rad.


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