Behind the Scenes // A Very Insta-Christmas

I'm so "basic" when it comes to the holiday season. I'm giddy about the red holiday cups from Starbucks, the Mariah Carey holiday Pandora station and the Bath & Body Works candles (seriously, the Balsam is amazing.) Yes, I own Uggs, but I only wear them at home where no one can see. So there. At least our house is more GOOP approved than broke-down palace. 

Um, how cute is our mantle? All the most bougie people have Buddhas instead of Angels as their Christmas tree toppers. My Buddha lives on our mantel year round, but he brings a nice balance to the holidays. Reminding me to stop, take a deep breath, appreciate the Bath & Body Works scent chemicals & be zen. Namaste, bitches.

I say, if you're going to drink your calories, let there be bubbles! These Chandon Limited Edition bottles are totally affordable (about $15 each) and are adorable hostess gifts. If I'm going to a dinner party, I always bring 2 bottles so it's not weird when I open one right away. Oops! I'm basically sneakily bringing exactly what I want to drink at your house. There is no better time to drink champagne in excess than the holidays, and I promise you'll look better in photos holding a flute than a Bud Light. 

One of my favorite Christmas traditions is the advent calendar! The only problem is I've been eating the Hershey Kisses out of random days since I decorated in mid-November. Yes, that's right, it's only December 5th & our decorations have been up for 2 weeks already. Judge me.

La Jolla is amazing during Christmas. There are lights on all the palm trees, it's a balmy 68 degrees, people are spending money without abandon & the sunsets are even more stunning than normal. Check out this Windansea Winter. 

Counting blessings, the days 'till I see my boo & the days 'till I'm on a plane to Paris So much goodness. Lots to be grateful for this year.