5 Good Things // Friday June 27


The Cancer New Moon // A new moon is the time to plant seeds & manifest ideas to harvest at the corresponding full moon. This new moon in my sign, Cancer, coupled with the lucky triangle of the sun, Neptune & Saturn make this my time to sprinkle seeds all over the place. This weekend, I'm doing lots of journaling, manifesting & re-launching of old projects, such as this blog. I get my daily guidance from The Astrotwins via Elle Magazine & I loved this write up from Mystic Mamma on the New Moon. (Photo cred.)

The XX Station on Pandora // My Pandora stations are carefully cultivated; I am very serious about thumbs-upping & thumbs-downing. This station perfectly captures my chill summer vibe right now. The XX are always one of my faves, but I'm especially loving when I hear Que Sera by Wax Tailor, When I'm Small by Phantogram & We Are the People by Empire of the Sun. Swoon.

Airbrush Tanning // Oh yes, I am about to go live with my fledgling biz-ness, Golden State Airbrush Tanning. I did a trial run on myself with a new tanning solution last night and am GLOWING. My ass looks tighter, I look thinner & to the naked eye, it looks like I've had all the time in the world to lounge at the beach. Fake it 'til you make it, right?

Dahlias & Succulents // I bought an expensive bunch ($20 for 5, shit!) of dahlias from Whole Foods & waking up to them every morning kept my dreamland going in real life. And I have yet to kill the succulent my mother gave me as my "going back to San Diego" gift. It was a gift I requested, a succulent from my grandmother's garden in San Francisco. She had them everywhere. Keeping the succulent alive is as important to me as keeping her memory alive. This photo on Pinterest is the perfect marriage of the two plants that kept me happy this week; speaking of marriage, let's ignore the fact that it's a wedding bouquet. 

Ambient Lighting // I recently purchased these lights from Target to replace an janky old light set outside, Morgs & I hung them in a double strand and I am OBSESSED. Last weekend, I poured candles again, so there are candles burning everywhere, all the time. And according to my other lovely roommate, Corine, everyone who has walked in our place has commented on how amazing our place smells- score. So, these bulbs paired with candlelight plus my airbrush tan means I look freakin' flawless all the time. I'm okay with it. (Photo cred.)