How To // Prep for The 4th of July

July is THE BEST month of the year. We're in the thick of summer romances, bikini season & weekends feel like Vacation Mode: Level 1000. Most importantly, there are two very important birthdays to celebrate in July: America's & mine.

As we proudly raise the American flag, I'll let my control-freak flag fly right alongside the stars & stripes. As a chronic over-planner, here's some insight I'm doing this week to prep for The Fourth of July.

Drink water & eat light // I'm going to be running around in a bikini for most of the day, so I want to look & feel my best. That means this I've chugging lemon & cucumber water. Funny thing- the more you drink water the less you retain it. I've also been snacking on some very patriotic looking berries & I've prepped my meals for the week. My go to easy meal is version of this quinoa salad that my amazing hair stylist, Chelsea, turned me on to. I'm in "cardio bunny" mode, too. A little extra effort & discipline this week will allow me to fully enjoy the weekend knowing I've done all I can to feel awesome. 

Stock the fridge // If you're going to imbibe, I always say: Why waste the experience (and the calories) on something icky like tall cans of PBR? Splurge a little & drink something you'll actually enjoy. It's America's Birthday for goodness sake, you can afford to indulge in a little bubbly. Chandon does an amazing Limited Edition bottle of their Blanc de Noirs every summer- the mini I'm holding is last years, but I just picked up the 2014 edition to pop on Friday (in background of photo, above.) Choose to be classy.

Plan your day // Holidays don't celebrate themselves, and you only get out what you put in, so take a few minutes to map out some things you want to do on The Fourth. No errands or obligations allowed. TAKE ADVANTAGE of this day!

Need suggestions? Call a friend & invite them to get outside with you. Make a picnic. Visit a body of water- lake, river, ocean, pool, babbling brook. Grab an awesome book this week & lose yourself in it. Watch baseball or that crazy World Cup. 

On my list: Watching a good movie the night before. Coffee, bacon & my secret recipe pancakes for breaky. Bike riding with Morgs. Champagne (duh.) Laying out at Windan. Getting in the ocean. Fireworks at The Cove. Flirting with the neighbors. The usual. (PS: Secret pancake recipe to be revealed on blog soon.)

Dress the part // I have major bikini shopping to do this week. I'm haven't decided if I'm going to go full red, white & blue, like the photo above, or do something like this amazing bandeau or this pistachio top or finally get the bikini I've been obsessing over: the Celestial Fringe. There is nothing better than having a special outfit waiting for a special day. Find something that makes you feel like a f o x . Don't neglect the opportunity to wear an amazing hat, like mine. And make sure you're wearing red lipstick, because, duh. 

The Devil's in the Details // I did get a very American mani, evident in the above photo. DECORATE! Grab flags, banners, streamers. Have SPF on hand. Do you need to purchase sparklers or fireworks? Remember stores will likely be closed on The Fourth & you don't want to be running errands anyway, so make sure to have enough snacks & beverages for friends that pop by. Set up a rad playlist- or search Spotify for pre-made magic. And don't forget to leave some Advil on your nightstand for when you wake up on July 5th.