5 Good Things // Friday July 4

Happy Fourth of July, homies!  You're free to be obnoxious, play in the sun (with SPF) & have a few drinks (with water every other) to enjoy the heck out of this day. It's the American way!

VSCO Camera App // Can someone please explain to me why my photos from this app look so much better than the regular iPhone camera app? it's the same crappy phone lens, I don't understand! Actually, don't explain it to me, I'm just going to write it off as magic. LOVE this app.

Neighbors // How many of you know your neighbors? My dad was the one who really taught me how to be a neighbor- he knows everyone's kids names & dogs names & as a man always working on some project or another, he is often in the front yard with garage doors & arms wide open. He ALWAYS stops to smile & wave when they drive or walk by. Some of us are so engrossed in our own lives we actively ignore the people we see every single day. (Better not make eye contact- they might try to talk to me!) How about you take a baby step & say HEY to your neighbors this weekend. You'll be glad you did when in the future, you're halfway through a cupcake recipe and are short one egg. And if you're lucky like me, you might wake up to a bag full of amazing clothes & a handwritten note, left on your doorstep by the most generous next-door neighbor, ever. Thank you, Jayna, you're an angel.

Passwords // What a beautiful strategy for raising your consciousness. This man used something as mundane as his email password to inspire positive change in his life. I'm now planning to change every password I have to $ave4Trapez3bAg... and then I plan to find this in my closet. That's how it works, right?

True Food Kitchen // Normally at a shopping mall, your choice of cuisine is going to be limited to Wetzel's Pretzels or Hot Dog on a Stick. (Those hot dog hats- so not chic.)  In San Diego, True Foods Kitchen is located in the Fashion Valley Mall, next to Bloomingdales & Hermes. If their neighbors are any indication of the level of the culinary experience you'll have at a True Food Kitchen, you know it's gonna be i n s a n e.

Their cucumber martini might be the best cocktail I've had all year, and my bestie, the French foodie, Charlotte, has declared that their edamame dumpling dish is in the top 5 best things she's ever had in her life. I was able to share a meal & a cocktail at TF with my good friend Anikta this week where there was lots of blog talk over kale & cucumbers.  If there is a TF Kitchen in your area, don't walk, RUN.

Being Humbled // Once upon a time, I was having a normal Wednesday morning, stomping around the kitchen, making coffee, running late, being grumpy, irritable, whatever. Out of no where, I literally WIPED OUT, doing the full splits, completely FLAILING my arms, smashing my knee into the ground, swinging my body & catching myself by throwing my whole arm into the trash can. It happened so fast- all of the sudden I was standing again, looking at my arm, which was covered in coffee grounds, saying FUCK! What the FUCK? 

This is called getting bitch-slapped by The Universe. My reminder to slow down. And to not be such a c-word. I reacted for about a minute... And then I stopped. And then I literally laughed out loud, said WELL PLAYED UNIVERSE & chilled the fuck out. And those types of reminders, my friends, are truly something to be grateful for.