Behind The Scenes // The Blog


In today's world, blogging is almost a legitimate profession. Although fashion bloggers are raking in dough, being featured in mainstream media & are collaborating with major, MAJOR brands, to some people, being a blogger is akin to being a barista. (No disrespect to baristas- I love you a latte. Hah.)

Telling people I write a blog has not gotten less awkward as many times as I've had to explain. The reaction from the outside world has consistently been split pretty evenly.

Reaction One: OMG sister, that is so cool! I am so happy for you! Yay! (Insert heart emoji, hands clapping emjoi & dancing girls emoji here.)

Reaction Two: Um, cool. Why? I don't understand.

Well, let me try to explain.

I love blogs // I said it. So nerdy. I have been reading blogs regularly/obsessively for years. I cried a little when they laid Google Reader to rest. (I've since adopted Feedly & all is good in my world.) I love that you never know what little nugget of information you'll come across or where a link will lead. And I love that I can customize what I expose myself to, things that I care about. And as my tastes & interests have evolved, so has my subscription list. 

I like to write // Although I know I am backed with a ton of support as I exploring the venue of blogging, deep down, I know that a lot of my inner circle won't be regular readers. They're just not into the blog culture & that's totally okay. My mother still refers to the internet as "the website," for goodness sake; I'm not expecting much. 

So yes, I write for an audience, but more so, I write because it makes me happy. I laugh at my own bad jokes. I have a lot to say. I have a lot of positive energy. The bad jokes & positive energy need some sort of outlet to make it into The Universe and if putting it on the internet is a way to do that, then out on the internet it goes.

And in the future, if i have readers & a community that follows me the way I follow my favorite bloggers, I'll be a happy clam. For the bloggers I have been following, it's been insane seeing their growth personally, professionally, aesthetically. I am going through the same processes & I want to document it.

It's a learning experience // In this process, I have struggled with hosting, posting, analytics, photography, design, perfectionism & myself. One of the reasons I love blogs are for what I learn by reading them, and now, it's about what I'm learning by making one. I want to share what I know, what I'm discovering & what I'm doing.

It's art // This is a serious creative outlet for me. As a recovering design snob, all I want to do is brand, re-brand, design, edit, re-design & start over again. As far as my current aesthetic, my mood board above is representative of where I'm at right now. I'm going to flow with the process, enjoy it as it comes. It's a little imperfect, but always focused. Staying in touch with the flow, the ocean, good people, good vibes, this town, this life- that's the goal. 

So what is the point of this blog?

I am Amber Nicole is a place for me to be me. It's a conduit for me to be a better me. Not only is this blog useful to highlight things I like, things that interest me & things I've learned, but to hopefully be of service to any other twenty-something that could learn from my mistakes, who has the same penchant for designer handbags, strong cocktails & good design.

It's a place for conversations to take place.

You know those conversations you have when you first start dating someone & you both can't seem to shut up? Where you have too many whiskeys & stay up until 4 AM talking about superstitions, childhood memories, Netflix documentaries, the institution of marriage, who had the best set at Coachella, conspiracy theories, donuts & how all people that drive PT Cruisers are fucking weird... Where you talk about everything under the sun & you don't know where the conversation will go, but in the end, you're happy, a little drunk & a little in love?

That's the goal here. Welcome to my blog. Let me pour you a drink... let's see where this goes.