Cocktails // White Linen


I have a love-hate relationship with Sacramento; growing up in a suburb this very unglamorous city while being raised by a very chic mother who grew up in "the city" (San Francisco,) it seemed like our state's capital had little to offer. Not a lot of culture, not a lot of architecture, ZERO shopping... too hot in the summer and too many unsavory neighborhoods.

Sac-town has become hipster paradise. You can't ride your fixie bike five feet without running into a mustache-clad 20-something drinking a craft beer, especially in Midtown. It's no Portlandia, but the uprising of the young foodies in Sac have lead to a mini explosion of great restaurants & bars. Everyone's favorite Midtown haunt is The Shady Lady. The cocktails are on point & the service is actually good. (I have had some of the worst service of my life in Sacramento, so the fact that the bartenders actually take care of their patrons at Shady Lady is appreciated.)

Perhaps their flagship drink, the White Linen is the perfect refresher for a hot summer day. I believe cocktail lore cites the WL was invented/first mixed at Shady Lady. My interpretation of the drink, above, is no official recipe, just my best recreation. If you're in Sac, I recommend playing hooky mid-week, jumping on your road bike & for some White Linen day-drinking at The Shady Lady. Don't forget your American Spirits... and I think they charge a cover if you're not in a plaid shirt.