5 Good Things // Friday August 1

Recognizing growth // This article really hit home for me. The challenges we faced a year ago are now just a memory, as are the people we used to be. It feels good to reflect & recognize the changes I've made in the past 365ish days. A year ago I was in Sacramento & I had just signed paperwork to move back to San Diego. I was struggling in unhealthy relationships & with my self-worth. I would act aloof as a defense mechanism & was approaching life from a place of fear rather than a place of strength. I was probably in the same amount of debt I am now... (#keepingitreal) but I am much better off financially today than I was 12 months ago. To say I am 100% changed or better is not completely accurate, but things are always getting better. I am more in love with my life today than I've ever been. And I'm more the person I want to be today than I was a year ago.

There's an app for that // When someone smarter than I am showed me how to make an "app" link directly to my blog.. I died of happiness. And now I have a link to my little online life right on the home page of my iPhone... you should too. 

Acro yoga // And roommates who see you have a mini-meltdown after a mini-heartbreak & say, 'Hey, come here.' And then my magical roommate flew me in the air, my hips balanced on with her feet & she stretched out my back & made me do weird poses & forced me to relax & massaged my head & let me be a human. And we made grand plans for handstand domination & everything was better.

Waking up early // A few times a week I wake up at 5:30 for an early morning workout. When I manage to do this, I allow myself to feel superior & self-righteous. This week I was walking to the kitchen to make a cup of coffee & I run into my roommate who is walking from the kitchen with a bottle of wine in hand because she is still partying from the night before. And we look at each other and die laughing. And it makes me FALL IN LOVE with her even more. You've got to respect being on either side of the equation- working or partying h a r d.

Detoxing.. kinda // On Sunday we decided to go sugar free for one week. And seriously you guys, there is sugar in EVERYTHING. So this week I've consumed nothing with refined or added sugar... saying no to cookies has been hard but overall I've been strong. It's been a nice excuse to clean up the diet & shed a few extra calories effortlessly. To satisfy my sweet tooth I've been eating watermelon & blueberries by the bucket-full.. I could only do this in summer. And to celebrate a week without sugar, when it's over, I'm going to smash an ice cream cone in my face.