Behind the Scenes // Snapchat

After not having a Facebook page for more than a year, I've suddenly become completely illiterate when it comes to social media. I love me some Instragram; since the only thing I liked about Facebook was the photos, I guess that makes sense. 

But my little chickens (aka: college-student employees) have gotten me hooked on Snapchat. I'm almost embarrassed to admit it, since it seems Snapchat is thought to be totally sleazy or totally for fourteen year olds. Don't care- I love it. It's easy to take a quick BTS picture of my life... so here's what I Snapchatted in the past week. 


You Tube //  Leveraging technology to communicate with a team that I never have together at the same time... my new favorite way to do trainings for my sales team is to post them on YouTube. And when I have very dense training, I always embed a secret word or phrase in the middle of it, to make sure the team watches. (Kinda sneaky, I know, but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.) Key word for this training: "turtle."

Walking construction // Wearing all black on a construction site is not chic. I got a little dusty. That's a hard hat in my hand if you can't tell. 

Dahlias // Peonies were blowing up my Instagram feed for most of May... Like peonies, dahlias have a very small window of seasonality & in my opinion, don't get enough Instalove.

Driving from Del Mar // Just past dog beach, just before Torrey Pines. One of the most beautiful drives in all of California & it's just a normal part of my day. I am grateful & unsafe to be Snapchatting while driving.

Decoration // A cute arrangement & a good reminder in our model home.

The Day After // Still repping red white & blue the day on July 5, my outfit for the Angels' game in Anaheim! Carried the red Longchamp purse you see on the bed & swapped out the wedges for white Chucks. Yes that caption says "hungover & dying..." because I was. What you're not seeing here is the debauchery that happened on July 4.

Happy Snapping...