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I’m so pumped to be participating in my first link up hosted by The B Bar! For new friends that found me through the link up, please leave a comment below to say “Hi!” so we can connect!

This month’s link up is to indulge us in all in our favorite guilty pleasure- Instagram. Last week’s post was Instagram 101, but today, we’re talking about the pros. The prompt from The B Bar was : "Who are your three favorite Instagrammers, and why?" Check out my three favorite accounts… from girls that seem like they could be friends of mine. They're brave, badass chicks who are doin’ it. Living life. Taking chances. And inspiring me with every square picture they take. 

Without further ado, here are my three fave Insta-babes.

Who \\ Jinna Yang, @greaseandglamour

Stats \\ 21.7k followers

Occupation \\ Lifestyle and Travel Photographer

What to Expect \\ Travel porn featuring exotic locations, moody cityscapes and silhouettes. More gritty and raw than most over processed travel photos, with heavy emphasis on experience and inspiration.

Why She Rocks \\ The classic “I quit my day job to travel the world” story with a dash of sass. Inspired by the passing of her father, Jinna writes a blog about her adventures. She includes realistic and straightforward advice to readers who are considering leaving the 9-5 grind. The way Jinna shares her travel is not obnoxious; there are no Instagrams complaining about jet lag posted from a seat of a first class cabin, featuring a Louis Vuitton filled with Ambien. She seems like she’d be a chill travel buddy in an economy seat to Europe, which, let’s be honest, is usually the only choice most of us have.

What I Want to Know \\ Your worst AirBnB nightmare. I know you’ve got stories, girl.

Who \\ Carin Olsson, @parisinfourmonths

Stats \\ 461k followers

Occupation \\ Photographer

What to Expect \\ Parisian architecture, fancy lattes, naturally saturated colors, thoughtful compositions and beautiful light. Understated and elegant photos.

Why She Rocks \\ A beautiful example of the snowball effect, where one small action can lead to life changing adventures. Carin moved from Stockholm to Paris to learn the language and immerse herself in the culture. She ended up falling in love with the city, as many do, and a leap of faith later, she is a tried and true expat who is now blogging about her adventures and regularly photographing haute couture fashion shows and working with some of the most celebrated French designers in history. 

Carin posts photos of charming cafes and corners in the City of Lights and will make anyone who's visited instantly miss it, as it looks 10 times better than I remember in her photos. Somehow she shoots Paris so it looks like a ghost town, a stray tourist is naught to be found. She must wake up at the crack of dawn to shoot. And for that… #respect.

What I want to Know \\ How do you make Paris look so clean? Is there a special filter for that?

Who \\ Julie Sariñana, @SincerlyJules

Stats \\ 1.8m followers

Occupation \\ Fashion Blogger, Online Shop Owner, Maybe a Model? 

What to Expect \\ Palm trees, #ootd posts, Celine bags, peonies and shoe shots. A quintessential LA girl who pops over to Mexico, Palm Springs or fashion week just regularly enough to keep us constantly envious.

Why She Rocks \\ Why is it that some people just seem so likable? Julie Sariñana seems like the best friend every girl wants to have. This fashion blogger turned business maven recently had her first pop-up shop, has a sick DTLA studio and seems to live in a Amaro filtered dream.

Expect to see her gallivanting Los Angeles in her signature chill street style, which usually consists of jeans, a t-shirt, phenomenal shoes and the designer bag of the moment. 

What I want to know \\ Jules, how do you keep your Converse so white? Ahhh... #deepthoughts with Amber.

So, tell me in the comments below (come on guys, I see you visiting the site!) who is a must-follow? Who are your favorite Instagrammers, and why? 

For more awesome Instagrammers, check out the other blogs linked up in this post, and find me on Instagram, too! Say hello @bambybear :)


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