5 Good Things // On The Internet

Happy Hump Day cuties! This week has been so e m o t i o n a l and i n s a n e. I can’t believe it’s only Wendesday. Here’s some things I’ve been distracting myself with:

You’re staring at your computer all day, so you might as well put in a good word for yourself on the machine that gets all your attention. Download the “You are Loved” wallpaper, pictured above, from Lark & Linen (via Saffron Avenue.)

Sometimes this economy starts feels like a game of Monopoly. Then, surprise: Obama’s homeboy makes moves to support “fast, fair and open” internet. I think this means we’re moving towards a free market with less regulation. But I have to admit, with bills, laws, and executive actions, nothing really is as it seems. What am I missing?

(Edit, Feb 5, 2015: Here's what I was missing. This is a win for all websites everywhere, from Facebook to Netflix to this one. Certain websites with deep pockets have been paying companies like Comcast & AT&T for prioritized speed, so you can stream Downton Abbey super fast and get to it quickly, but this website, in comparison, might never load or come up in search results unless I was willing to pay for it to do so. Comcast & AT&T say this is regulating their business, which means they won't have as much income to better develop their networks. Net neutrality is certainly a buzz word these days, a complicated one, at that. We have to pay attention, these monumental decisions will shape the future of online business.)

Most amazing response to the article in my last post.

Sometimes I think I’ve lost faith in humanity. Then this reminds me that good people are out there.

After a hard few days, I sat outside at the beach last night. Then I remembered I was sitting on the edge of the country on the surface of the Earth. Perspective is everything. Here are 20 reasons you shouldn’t be so hard on yourself.

Sending love & peace during the last week of Mercury Retrograde... good luck kittens!