Follow Friday // How to Follow Blogs

How to Follow Blogs

Blogs have seriously changed. my. life.

I am better, faster, stronger, funnier, smarter thanks to all of the blogs I’ve read over the past few years. The more I talk about blogs with friends, the more I realize that avid blog readers are few and far between, and that many people seem to have the perception that following blogs means remembering and manually typing in URLs to check and see if someone has updated their page!

That’s not the case, cuties!

Technology has made it so easy for you to keep up with your favorite writers/bloggers by way of RSS.

What is RSS?

Drop this knowledge at work to sound extra impressive: RSS means “Real Simple Syndication” and is a way that blogs can broadcast content to their subscribers. Subscribers usually get their content in an aggregator, which is called a ‘reader.’ That’s what I’m going to set you up with today. In your reader, you’ll have a queue of all the new articles from your favorite bloggers.

Think of different blogs as different channels, RSS as the wavelength on which TV programs are beamed to your screen, the ‘reader’ as your TV and your queue as the world’s best collection of DVR’d shows!

RIP Google Reader, Viva Feedly

Since the death of Google Reader, I use Feedly to subscribe to blogs. It is without question my most used app/Chrome extension/website and my number one recommendation for a blog aggregator. Feedly syncs across all platforms (Mac, PC, iPhone, Andriod, tablet, etc.) and is the most visually organized and easy to use system. I usually manually add blogs I like by copying the root URL into the “Add Content” button and organize them into categories that make sense to me.

What is Bloglovin’?

Bloglovin’ is another place to aggregate your favorite blogs so you can go to one site and browse through all the new posts for blogs you love. Same idea as Feedly and also available across multiple platforms. The one thing about Bloglovin’ that I’m not lovin’ is that you have to click through from the site to each individual blog site to read a posts, instead of reading within the reader. Good for the bloggers, as we get a visit from you to our site, but kind of annoying for readers.

The Old School Option

If you’re already getting 10,000 emails a day like I am, this might be overwhelming, but another option is to subscribe to blogs via email. You can click the RSS Feed Icon on any page and one of the options that will come up is to follow via email. Articles for all the blogs you subscribe to will get sent to your inbox every time there is a new post.

If you’re using Microsoft Outlook like the majority of corporate America, you can have your subscription feed to a separate RSS folder. I suggest using this function to subscribe to industry blogs so you’re always on top of your game and can focus on work when you’re at work. Don’t be a slacker.

Subscriptions are the ultimate Blogger compliment! So if you like what you see here, please subscribe!

While subscription services like Feedly and Bloglovin’ will set you up with recommendations to get started, every Friday I’m going to feature bloggers I can’t live without so you can compile your list too! Get your reader set up and check back next Friday for some sweet blogs to fill it up with!