Another Trip Around The Sun


If you know me you know I’m superstitious. I kiss my hand & hit the ceiling of my car when I blow through yellow lights. I work on construction sites and I’m terrified to accidentally walk under a ladder. I wear red underwear for good luck when The Rockies need a clutch win. 

I’m big on birthday superstitions. Have you heard the New Years Eve superstition that says how you spend your night is how you’ll spend the rest of your year? I think the same applies to your birthday too. I’m always down for a birthday spanking, Mr. Gray, and of course, you know the tradition of making a wish when you blow out your birthday candles. 

So I just had a birthday. And this time, I literally didn’t even make a wish when I blew out my birthday candles. Because in that moment, all I could think about is how much goodness I have in my life, how I was surrounded by so many people that I love and how I couldn’t possibly ask for anything more.

Things keep getting better every year. This year was RAD. One of my favorite rituals to do when I hit one milestone or another is to take inventory of my life. I feel like if I don’t The Universe will somehow think I’m not showing gratitude for the experiences… Who needs Catholic guilt when you have hippy-dippy paranoia? I’m ridiculous. 

An now, a totally self-serving post to chronicle of some of my favorite adventures of this last year.

Cabo San Lucas // Mexico


Straight away after my birthday last year, I jumped on a plane with my best friend and my entire family and went to Disneyland for adults… Cabo. Between late night rendezvous with questionable Australians and getting my stepmom to dance in a cage at Squid Roe, family drama and Hulk Hogan sightings, it was a shit show, to say the least. Some of our best work. 


Paris // France


On the first day of 2015, I put my ass on a plane and flew across the ocean to go frolic through the streets of Paris for two weeks. On one hand, Paris was everything I wanted it to be, and on the other, it was almost too much. The architecture, the streets, the sites were all awe inspiring, but it was kind of like okay, saw it, on to the next. The meals were extraordinarily long and the food was heavy. This California rabbit needs salads. Most of the people were French caricatures of themselves, in the best way possible. I loved the trip, loved the culture, loved my travel companions, the hospitality, everything... but was ready to come home when it was all said and done.


Old Job // New Job


After four years at the same company, I started a terrifying new adventure. I loved my team, the challenge, the work, my leadership, everything… but quite honestly, It got too easy. And since I truly believe complacency is one of the worst epidemics of my generation, I started to look for another opportunity. And in a very roundabout way, I got hired for a different company than the one I was interviewing for… I think I was poached. This new job is gnarly, takes all of my brain power and then some, and pushes me to the brink every single day. After being a big fish in a small pond, I’m now constantly humbled everyday. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. 


Yacht Rocks // Birthday Party


As I said before, if the way you spend your birthday is to dictate how you’ll spend your entire year, I’m going to have a crazy, amazing, loud, fun year full of love. Everyone came ‘with bells on’ (new phrase I just learned day of- as everyone said they’d come ‘with bells on,’ wtf?!) and we were the most adorable nautical crew of all time. 

Big ups to my roommates (including Kait) for being amazing, to DJ Tropical Sex for making music, to Kait for making cupcakes during the party, to Anthony for being our paparazzi and all my friends and neighbors for drinking so many Pacificos and Moscow Mules and dancing with me. I am seriously in love with all of you. 

Just Being // Windansea


The photos we post, the words we write and share… For the most part it’s all a highlight reel of our lives. The best and brightest moments. The photos we look the best in. Maybe they’re even manipulated and strategically posted to portray the life you want people to think you lead. 

In a marketing meeting this week, our creative director said something amazing, “Branding is controlling your message- portraying your company in the way you want people to view you. But your brand is the way people actually view you. And that is something you can’t control.”

We’re all in this perpetual competition for who can be the loudest on social media and really what I’ve become so much more comfortable with this year is really appreciating the quiet moments in my life. I spent the majority of this weekend just playing with a dog. Laughing at her when she does something cute. My favorite ritual is the process of making coffee every morning (pour over, if you’re wondering.) I love to be home and in my cozy bed where no one can find me. I’ve taken more time for myself this year. Every challenge I’ve been faced with, in relationships and friendships, professionally and personally,  comes down to the fact that always being available for someone else and not available for yourself is the worst punishment for your soul.

Just being here has been the best experience ever. Writing an email the other day my phone autocorrected the sentence “I’m living in La Jolla” to “I’m loving in La Jolla” and I think the latter is more accurate than what I originally intended. 


Namaste, bitches. Thanks for another trip around the sun, Universe. Appreciate you.