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24 Hours // Exploring La Jolla

My Zodiac sign is Cancer, which is represented by the crab. I fit the bill for all the stereotypical Cancer traits, but the one that’s most prevalent in my life is that I’m a total freak about my environment. 

The crab lives in it’s cozy shell. I’m a homebody. Interior aesthetics are very important to me. I need my own space. And… I need to love where I live. 

And good GOD does La Jolla fit that bill.

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How To // Pack for a Beach Vacation

I. Survived.


I'm back from Cabo San Lucas & good lord I love that city. Every time I go to Mexico I have more & more fun- Cabo is definitely a bit commercialized/gentrified/Americanized but I enjoy it nonetheless. 

Of everyone I travelled with, I would be the most likely candidate to overpack. In the alternate universe that was this vacation, I earned bragging rights because I brought only ONE SMALL suitcase, packing by far less than everyone else. Plan smart- here's what to bring for your next beach vacation.

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