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What do you do?

Social Media Strategy, Content Creation & Management

Brand Development & Consulting

Strategic Marketing Planning

Public Relations Management

Email Marketing

Copywriting & Blogging

Sales Training & Strategies

Web Design

Baby, I’ve got what you need.

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who do you work with?

I’m focused on developing and implementing marketing strategies for businesses that play in the luxury space. From my prior experience in luxury real estate, I know how to speak to the UHNW client, and I specialize in reaching that demographic niche.

The great thing is that I get to partner with brands and businesses I believe in.

I keep my client list private from the public, but for qualified potential new partnerships, I will share my portfolio of work through a password protected site.

Contact me to request a password ➝

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What are the benefits of partnering with

a f m t k g?

I specialize in the luxury space. Real estate, architecture, yachting, travel & athletics.

I only work with clients whose business I believe in.

You work with me, directly.

Transparent, available & expert.

My zone of genius is marketing. Creating content & setting up systems. Let me do the work you don’t want to do.

I understand you’re busy, I won’t waste your time. Efficiency is key.

I make it my business to understand your business. Every service, every offering, every nuance.

How do we work together?



Call me, email me, say hello.

I only take a very limited number of clients at a time and am currently at capacity. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t say hello. Let’s get you on the waitlist.



When I have availability to onboard a new client, we’ll set a discovery meeting, where we’ll discuss your goals, your dreams, your brand, your vision… and how I can help you get to where you want to go.



And when we’re ready to get started, we date. I take you out, ask you a million questions, and fall in love with you, your business, your vision and your goals. I become a member of your team and an extension of you. And from there, we take massive, inspired, s t r a t e g i c action to get where we want to go.


Let’s talk. Contact me for more INFORMATION.

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