The Events & The A-Team

 The A-Team is a network of ladies & gentlemen who are all interested in being their best. They are mentors and they are mentored. They share what they know about getting ahead. About getting what they want. They talk about what it takes to be happy, successful, in love & forever young. They discuss strategy, life, what works, what didn't and what we can do to al be better, together.


"I'm not interested in competing with anyone. I hope we all make it."
-Erica Cook


Spilling the Tea on What it’s Like to Work with Amber:

Amber has been nothing short of amazing and has been an incredibly positive mentor to me. If there is anyway she can help guide me in either my career or personal life, she is there to connect me with the right people and give valuable advice. Having such a strong female figure in my life inspires me to feel more empowered and become a successful woman! I used to be more reserved when it came to my career, but after shadowing Amber consistently, I decided to speak up more and ask for what I wanted in life. This little change has opened so many more doors, and I am forever thankful for her!

- Shannon Whitfield, SDSU Mentee

Thank goodness I found Amber! She was my mentor during my senior year of college and grew to be the person who helped me understand my place in sales, professional development, and overall personal value! Amber is the ultimate big sister and is always there to help me with whatever is on my plate. She really helped me transition from a college student to a full-time employee while still enjoying what I do and encouraged me to hone in on the skills I wanted to learn! I would recommend Amber to anyone young or old, because of the amount of energy, experiences, and love she brings to the table! 

-Stacy Walden, SDSU Mentee

Amber was my manager at my first full time job had while I was full time student, so I had to find a balance between being a young professional and pursuing my degree. She made this transition very easy for me, as she was equally invested in me growing as a professional as she was as an adult in the real world.

I honestly feel like Amber taught me way more valuable life information than SDSU ever did, and I feel like each day I went to work I was actually going to learn something new.  She taught me how to work smarter, not harder.  She taught me sales. She taught me high kicks and cartwheels (not literally, but to always be upbeat and motivated). She basically gave me a free “life” education while I got paid to work.

 Anyone that knows Amber knows she can be a little crazy at times, maybe even very crazy sometimes, but it is all with good intentions.  She is a phenomenal leader and her head is always in the right place.  It is no surprise that my first year working for her she won Employee of the Year at our company, and inspired me to do a better job in whatever I was doing in the office.  I ended up winning Best in Class for Sales with her as my supervisor, and I can attribute this to her great leadership skills.

-Mark Kolb, Former Employee & Sales Associate

Having Amber as my mentor at San Diego State is honestly the best thing that could have happened in my college career. She always checks up on me and makes sure I am living up to my full potential. She always has a smile on her face and works hard to get what she wants. She showed me what I couldn't see in myself and pushed me towards putting myself out there which landed me some really cool opportunities. She's THE best. 

- Emily Lindquist, SDSU Mentee