The Girl


Hey ya’ll. I’m Amber. I’m in North County San Diego doing a few things: helping businesses get more business, helping humans be better humans and coaching twenty-somethings who are trying to figure out life.

I want to help everyone be a little bit more awesome. I want explore being better at work and at play, in our head space and in our home space.

You could say that I’m halfway in between spiritual guru and “get’er done” girl. Like… I’ll give you spiritual guidance but it will likely be in the form of a Jay-Z quote. If you tell me you’re having lower back problems, I’ll suggest you look at your sacral chakra to examine your foundations in family and money… but I’ll also tell you to do some deadlifts and get strong. Don’t be a little bitch.

I know there’s a way to be spiritually fluent while also navigating life in 2018- making money, online dating, building businesses and chasing our dreams- there are some universal truths that carry through all of life and we need to get back in line with them.

I’m here to help get us back to Alignment with those universal truths and be good to ourselves, so we can show up and be good for others. THAT is what the world needs.


Pacifico, baseball, astrology, water signs, boats, the ocean, the moon, lifting weights & yacht rock. When The Universe speaks. Flowers. Like dahlias, peonies & hydrangeas. Send 'em this way.

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Socially speaking, I'm on Instagram. You can find my writing on Thought Catalog. If you Google me, cool stuff comes up. Have fun!